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Why "Holledauer Hopfazecha"?

There's a small village in in the middle of beautiful Bavaria in the north of Munich called


Since more than 2 decades, it's a pleasure for me to be the coach of a mixed team of girls and boys - young to way over 50 years. We're playing Volleyball just for fun, and in the league we're in, nobody is allowed to play in an official team.

As one might see from the description above, we take this sport quite easy, and after every training (on Thursdays), we regularly met in the village's pub ("Fischerwirt"), and now in Michele's La Masseria, where we drink the world's most delicious liqueur:

"Holledauer Hopfengold"

This fine liqueur is made of hops and has the neglectable alcoholic strength of 56 percent.

That's the whole story where we got our team's name from:

"Holledauer Hopfazecha"

This means "Hops drinkers from the Holledau", the name of the region we come from.